white doves mn

Hire a Professional...

It's your big day, don't leave it in the hands of an amatuer! White dove release professionals (it's not always easy to find a real pro) know that only homing pigeons (rock doves) should be used for white dove releases. Homing pigeons (snow white rock doves) have a basic instinct and are trained to return to their homes safely. When you hire us, know that the safety of our white doves are our primary concern. Because of this, we will never be released within one hour of sunset, at a night wedding, or during inclement weather. We will not release birds inside of buildings. We will never ship our birds to brides and grooms for self releases.

Our snow white doves love to fly!

We let them out of their loft twice daily to just fly around and enjoy the day. When we take our white doves to a wedding or special event that is within 50 miles of their home, they enjoy flying back home. Our white doves can average about 38 miles an hour. The doves are usually home before us after your wedding or special event. White dove releases are a beautiful, elegant and symbolic addition to your wedding or special event. These white dove releases are done with the safety of the birds in mind.